Monday, December 17, 2012

Perspective Drawing - An Introduction

It's been a long time. A very long time indeed. But we are back and here's covering one of the most important questions of entrance exams. Perspective drawing. For those aspiring architects out there this is one of the most important topics out there and believe us when we say this it is one of the most difficult ones as well.

Here's a warm up exercise. Get a thermocol piece and cut as many three dimensional figures as you can. Now try to look at those figures and recreate them. This ladies and gentleman is how you will build your fundamental understanding of perspective drawing. Setting aside all the other topics that you need to cover your basic should be so strong that you can recreate any three dimensional object on paper without even having to look at it twice.

Once you have successfully managed to complete the above exercise start by drawing simple three dimensional object from various perspectives. When we say this what we mean is how would for example, a chair look if viewed from front, from the side, from the top, from the back, from below. If there's an angle to it simply put it on paper. Once you can do that you can do almost anything.

Now there's a question of where to start from. Ideally its best to start from the centre of the image that is start from the centre of the paper and built the entire area around it. Along with this rely on the heavy usage of basic lines which are extremely light and those which you can erase later. In papers like NID since paper quality is bad it is heavily advised to use a lead pencil 0.5mm thin lead and draw as lightly as possible as more often than not people's pages tear in the test booklet.

That's all for now. Look around and get inspired.